Summer Faith Formation Begins!   

Summer Faith formation sessions will begin on Sunday, June 11. Each Sunday we will view a video of some aspect of the Reformation, followed be a discussion. We will meet in the Community Room at 9:00 am each Sunday.These sessions are intergenerational, for everyone, grade 3 and above. We will have activities for younger children in adjacent classrooms.                                                               





Registration for Faith Formation.

Classes for everyone from age 4 and beyond are available. Click here to download a registration form. Return your completed forms to Ginny Gauerke before September 3rd.






 All Sunday School classes are led by teachers who have been safe-church trained and have undergone a background check. It is our goal to apply the two-adult rule in our classrooms.

E-mail questions regarding the faith education program to Ginny Gauerke, our Program Director/Educator.